Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to our canine partners

we are honored to have called friends.

K-9  REIGHNA   1990-2003
K-9  STRYDER   1988-2003
K-9  KIRSTIE    1991-2004
K-9  KATIE    1991-2004
K-9  JENNY   1994-2005
K-9  FLOYD   2004-2008
K-9  CRICKET   2005-2008
K-9  AXE    1996-2010
K-9  POLLY   1995-2010
K-9  SADIE   1997-2010
K-9  BLIZZARD  1998-2010
K-9  RIGGS  2001-2011
K-9  JO BOB 2005-2012

Video of 2002 Fall Fest Parade (Blizzard, Sadie, and Jenny)

rainbow bridge

rainbow bridge
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